There are over 20 award categories designed to recognize Canada’s top brokers, lenders, mortgage specialists and industry professionals.

Online nominations will be open for 8-10 weeks. Upon close of nominations, the CMA shortlisting team will select the finalists. Finalists for each category will be required to submit supporting documentation in order to proceed to the next round for winner selection. Winners will be announced live at the Canadian Mortgage Awards ceremony on April 26th, 2019, followed by a news publication on, a special 30-page commemorative spread on Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine, official press releases to national and regional media, and more.



Before all else, make sure that you have read the Awards Criteria.

When you are ready to submit a nomination entry, proceed to the Online Nomination Portal where you can submit a nomination. The Online Nomination Portal will only be open from November 20, 2019 Tuesday, to February 4, Monday, 11:59 PM EST.

For each nomination entry, you are required to provide the your/the Nominator’s contact details, the Nominee’s contact details, followed by a brief reason for nomination in under 300 words that best encapsulates why the Nominee deserves to be recognized in that award category and fits the criteria. The brief reason for nomination serves as an important basis for the selection process for Finalists. Touching on the criteria and why your Nominee fits best the award description in your nomination will strengthen the quality of your nomination.

A nominator can enter a particular nominee in several categories.

Several nominators can enter the same nominee in a category.

Only nominations made via the Online Nomination Portal will be counted and forwarded to the shortlisting team for evaluation.

There is no cost to entering.



Once nominations close, the CMA shortlisting team will conduct research to verify all nominations received.

The shortlisting team will read through and evaluate all verified nominations.

The shortlisting team will also research to ensure that no one deserving is missed. Finalists will be selected from both pools of information.

The shortlisting process usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the number of nominations received. With the uptrend of number of nominations received every year (more than 2000 last year!), nominees are asked to be patient and be on standby for the Finalist Notification to be sent by the Events team via email.



If you are selected as a Finalist, you will receive an official Finalist Notification email sent by the CMA events team.

The Finalist Notification email contains a unique link to the Finalist Form to be filled out by each Finalist in order to proceed to the final round of judging. Please see ‘Step 4: Completing the Finalist Form’ for more details on the Finalist Form.

Following this notification, you will be listed as an Official Finalist on the Canadian Mortgage Awards website, as well as being the subject of a Finalist announcement in Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine and

You will also receive an Online Promotional Kit of promotional materials which can be used to announce your finalist status far and wide – via your website, advertising, newsletters, social media, email signature or whatever else you can think of. Remember to use the hashtag #MortgageAwardsCA.

Seat reservations will be made available at this point/upon the public announcement of Finalists.



If you are selected as a Finalist, you must complete the required Finalist Form within 3-4 weeks (deadline TBC but will be provided in the Finalist Notification email) in order to proceed to the final round of judging.

Finalists who fail to complete the Finalist Form may be removed from the list of Finalists upon request.

The Finalist Form is an online questionnaire that asks for both quantitative and qualitative data in order to support the Finalist’s nomination and provide further detailed information needed by the jury for winner selection. If you are a Finalist, kindly provide success metrics and key performance indicators where significant.

Upon completion, the Finalist Form will be forwarded to the panel of independent jury. All answers in the Finalist Form are protected by the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by each judge.



The panel of independent jury is a group of handpicked, diverse thought leaders and experts from within the mortgage, finance and real estate industry.

Each judge will carefully and meticulously read and evaluate the submitted Finalist Forms. Upon evaluation of the submitted Finalist Forms, each judge will submit their scores based on the scoring matrix provided by CMP magazine.

Because all answers in the Finalist Form are protected by the Confidentiality Agreement Form signed by the judges, judges’ scores are fully independent and impartial and there is no deliberation in any category between or among judges.



Winners will only be announced live at the Canadian Mortgage Awards ceremony.

The 13th annual Canadian Mortgage Awards ceremony, brought to you by the Coalition of Independent Mortgage Brokers of Canada (CIMBC) and organized by Key Media International, is set to take place on April 26th, 2019, Friday in Toronto.

Those, including Finalists, who wish to attend the Awards ceremony to witness the live announcement of winners must reserve seats. Seat reservations will be made available online upon the announcement of Finalists.

Finalists are not required to attend the Awards ceremony. However, attendance is highly encouraged. Why? If you are a Finalist and are announced as the winner of your category, you and/or your team get your moment to take the stage, receive the trophy and deliver an acceptance speech in a room of 600 top professionals in the industry.

Attendees take this once-a-year opportunity to join a stellar community of high-performance brokers, senior-level mortgage professionals, lenders, young guns and rising stars in the mortgage and finance industry.

Expansive media coverage by CMP magazine and, including a special commemorative spread in CMP magazine, and our media partners will make it a night for the books.


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