2016 Finalists

Congratulations to all of the 2016 Finalists! The winners will be announced on the 13th May 2016 during the Canadian Mortgage Awards at The Liberty Grand, Toronto.

Please find the full list of Finalists in each category below.



The Equitable Bank Award for Diversifier of the Year

  • Blue Pearl Mortgage Group
  • DLC Expert Financial
  • DLC Home Capital Sounds Inc.
  • First Foundation Residential Mortgages - WINNER
  • Invis/ Mortgage Intelligence
  • VERICO Northeast Mortgages
  • VERICO SAFEBRIDGE Financial Group



The XCEED Mortgage Corporation Award for Best Marketing Effort of the Year

  • Dominion Lending Centres
  • FCT
  • Invis/ Mortgage Intelligence
  • Morcan Direct
  • VERICO ACME Mortgage Professionals - WINNER
  • VERICO XEVA Mortgage


The WECANLEND.COM Award for Employer of Choice

  • Bridgewater Bank - WINNER
  • Home Trust Company
  • MCAP Service Corporation
  • Mortgage Artchitects
  • Sherwood Mortgage Group
  • Street Capital Financial Corporation


The Centum Financial Award for Best Industry Service Provider

  • D+H
  • Equifax Canada
  • GoMax Solutions
  • Mortgage Marketing Coach
  • Teranet-Purview for Mortgage Brokers
  • WIMI Women in the Mortgage Industry - WINNER


The Safebridge Financial Group Award for Best Customer Service From an Individual Office

  • Champion Mortgage Inc.
  • DLC GLM Mortgage Group - WINNER
  • Loewen Group Mortgages
  • Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa
  • Mortgage Teacher
  • Real Mortgage Associates JC Mortgage Associates
  • VERICO XEVA Mortgage 


The Mortgage Teacher Award for Best Community Service Effort of the Year

  • Michael Cameron, Axiom Mortgage Partners
  • Paul Therien, Centum Financial Group Inc. - WINNER
  • Dominion Lending Centres
  • Cheryl Brown, Invis/ Mortgage Intelligence
  • MCAP Service Corporation
  • Todd Fralic & Paul Bojakli, Quantus Mortgage Solutions
  • VERICO Helping Hands


The Manulife Bank Award for Best Newcomer - Mortgage Broker Firm

  • Blue Pearl Mortgage Group
  • DLC Coultish & Co
  • Invis, SmartCap Mortgage Professionals - WINNER
  • 4Front Mortgages / Mortgage Alliance
  • Mortgage InGenuity, Mortgage Architects
  • VERICO CanWise Financial


The Canadiana Financial Award for Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (Fewer Than 25 Employees)

  • DLC - Powerhouse Mortgages
  • DLC Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team
  • Invis - West Coast Mortgages
  • Loewen Group Mortgages - WINNER
  • Mortgage Managers
  • Mortgage Teachers LTD
  • Redwood Mortgage Corporation
  • VERICO Brokers for Life
  • VERICO Northeast Mortgages


The FCT Award for Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (25 Employees or More)

  • DLC Mortgage Mentors
  • Morcan Direct
  • Mortgage Edge
  • Quantus Mtg Solutions - WINNER
  • Sherwood Mortgage Group
  • TMG - The Mortgage Group Alberta Ltd.
  • Verico Xeva Mortgage


The D+H Award for National Broker Network of the Year

  • Axiom Mortgage Partners
  • Broker Financial Group
  • Centum Financial Group Inc.
  • Dominion Lending Centres
  • Invis/ Mortgage Intelligence
  • MCC Mortgage Centre Canada
  • Mortgage Architects
  • RMAI Financial Group
  • TMG The Mortgage Group
  • VERICO Financial Group - WINNER


The Canadian Mortgage App Award For Best Use of Mobile Technology

  • DLC Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team
  • Kanetix
  • Loewen Group Mortgages
  • Mortgage Alliance
  • Mortgage Intelligence, LA Mortgage Team
  • RateSupermarket.ca






  • Gerald Soloway, Home Trust - WINNER


The Canada Mortgage & Financial Group Award for Best Newcomer - Individual Agent/ Broker

  • Kris Grasty, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts
  • Ana Costa, DLC The Mortgage Source
  • Eitan Pinsky, Dominion Lending Centres - Origin Mortgages
  • Araz Khalili, Matrix Mortgage Global
  • Dave Girard, Mortgage Intelligence - WINNER
  • Ryan Dennahower, Mortgage Intelligence Bespoke Mortgage Group
  • Matthew Carnovale, Sherwood Mortgage Group
  • Cassia Miller, VERICO CanWise Financial
  • Andre Persaud, VERICO SAFEBRIDGE Financial Group


The Vector Financial Award for Best Commercial Mortgage Broker of The Year

  • Vic Cotton, Avenue Financial
  • Michael Chiu, Capital West Mortgage Inc.
  • David Beckingham, Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Capital
  • Brennan Wood, Foundry Mortgage Capital - WINNER
  • Andrew C. Bennett, Nexus Investment Corporation
  • Omid Jalili, OMJ Mortgage Capital


The Home Trust Company Award for Best Alternative Lending Mortgage Broker of the Year

  • Ameera Ameerullah, Canada Mortgage & Financial Group
  • Andrew Roper, DLC Leading Edge - WINNER
  • Sandra Price, East Coast Mortgage Brokers
  • Dean Darrigan, Invis/ Mortgage Intelligence
  • Shawn Allen, Matrix Mortgage Global
  • Alisha Almas, Mortgage Alliance - Almas Associates
  • Chad & Patty Southwell, Mortgage Intelligence
  • Graeme Moss, VERICO Fair Mortgage Solutions
  • Leanne Myles, VERICO Premiere Mortgage Centre


The DLC Award for Best Newcomer - Lender Underwriter

  • Sarah Roscoe, Home Trust Company
  • Uliana Pertuzza, Home Trust Company
  • Raj Bhullar, MCAP Service Corporation
  • Farrah Ahmadi, Street Capital Financial Corporation
  • Marlo Reghenas, Street Capital Financial Corporation - WINNER


The Broker Financial Group Award for Best Lender Underwriter of the Year

  • Angela Froese (Molyneaux), Equitable Bank - WINNER
  • Helen Brito, Home Trust Company
  • Helga Peller, MCAP Service Corporation
  • Rob Orban, MCAP Service Corporation
  • Thomas Squires, Optimum Mortgage
  • Cory Thompson, Pillar Financial
  • Teresa Wang, Street Capital Financial Corporation


The Sherwood Mortgage Group Award for Best Newcomer - Lender BDM

  • John Kerr, B2B Bank
  • Jennifer Anne Burrage, Equitable Bank
  • Suzy Fernandes-Arruda, Equity Financial Trust - WINNER
  • Nicole Thomson, Home Trust Company
  • Reaza Ali, Home Trust Company
  • Linda Elkjar, Street Capital Financial Corporation
  • Ajay Kaith, The Mortgage Company of Canada


The Invis/ Mortgage Intelligence Award for Best Lender BDM of the Year

  • Ut Yue, Bridgewater Bank
  • Rose Butera, Home Trust Company - WINNER
  • Tommy Vrazalis, MCAN-XCEED Mortgage Corporation
  • Gail Temple, National Bank
  • Kamran Daryushnejad, National Bank
  • Brian Mason, Street Capital Financial Corporation
  • Ian Tenggardjaja, Street Capital Financial Corporation
  • Richard Earles, WeCanLend


The Street Capital Financial Corporation Award for Mortgage Broker of the Year (Fewer Than 25 Employees)

  • Enza Venuto, Centum Financial Group Inc.
  • Dustan Woodhouse, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts
  • Tracey Valko, Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding
  • Christine Xu, Mortgage Architects
  • Rich Ventura, Mortgage InGenuity, Mortage Architects
  • Sarah Davison, Mortgage Intelligence
  • Janna Dawdy, Real Mortgage Associates JC Mortgage Associates
  • Len Lane, VERICO Brokers For Life
  • James Laird, VERICO CanWise Financial
  • Luisa Hough, VERICO XEVA Mortgage - WINNER
  • Sabeen Bubber, VERICO XEVA Mortgage


The Bridgewater Bank Award for Mortgage Broker of the Year (25 Employees or More)

  • Skye McLean, Axiom Mortgage Solutions
  • Jason Singh, Broker Financial Group
  • Anne Brill, Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions Inc.
  • Collin Bruce, DLC Mortgage Mentors - WINNER
  • Joseph Park, VERICO JP Mortgage Services
  • Bill Harries, MCC, Sky Financial Corporation
  • Steven Levine, True North Mortgage
  • Nick L'Ecuyer, VERICO The Mortgage Wellness Group


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