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Young Gun of the Year

“Winning the award feels pretty good. I am very honoured to accept this award” – Cole Hennig, Plan B Mortgage Services


For some, the B lending space can have a negative perception – but not for Young Gun of the Year Cole Hennig. “Life happens to people, and sometimes they need a second chance or just a helping hand,” Hennig says. “That’s how I see my role as president of Plan B Mortgage.”

In his first full year as president in 2018, Hennig led Plan B Mortgage Services to increase its year-over-year volume by $5 million and increase its total number of funded deals. He says he’s encouraged by his fellow Young Gun nominees, who are impacting the mortgage industry by helping clients and educating the public about the benefits of working with a broker.

“I think the future of our space is bright, and many of these nominees will become legends over time,” he says.

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