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The Canada Mortgage & Financial Group Award for Lender Underwriter of the Year

“I try to make the deal work – I want to see everybody succeed” – Traci Merkel, MCAP


To say Traci Merkel has brokers’ back is an understatement – not only did she have her best year yet in 2018 as a senior underwriter at MCAP, but she also increased funding ratios for brokers with faster turnaround times and fewer declines and cancellations.

“I spent time, especially in 2018, talking with brokers and refreshing them with MCAP’s policies and niches,” she says. “If I can help them learn how to package deals with good notes and upfront documents, I know that they will want to work with me and send the business to me.”

“[Underwriters] either make or break the deal, and they work so hard in everything that they do, so Ameera Ameerullah, who is the CEO of Canada Mortgage & Financial Group, really wanted to show thanks and appreciation for all the dedication they show,” says Linda Gibson, operations manager at award sponsor CMFG.

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