award 19 broker of the year fewer than 25 employees

The Centum Award for Industry Service Provider of the Year

“This is always a great event, and we get to meet a lot of the clients that we deal with by phone or get to see occasionally at training sessions” – Philip Share, Teranet


Thanks to organizations such as Teranet, mortgage businesses can rest easy, knowing they have an excellent partner to address various processes and procedures. The exclusive provider of online property search and registration in Ontario, Teranet’s commercial solutions connect industry professionals and communities with reliable data, actionable insights and practice management applications, enabling them to make better decisions and improve efficiency. In addition, Teranet provides residential property data and market insights to help financial services professionals and institutions reduce mortgage risk and drive portfolio results.

“There’s a reason we go out of our way to make sure that we have this award every year,” says Chris Turcotte, president and CEO of award sponsor Centum Financial Group. “I think in an everchanging market, we don’t need to talk about the regulations; everybody knows about them. I think technology innovation is crucial, because when banks have an arguably unfair advantage, it’s crucial that innovation in our industry doesn’t stop, and we want to make sure we’re behind that.”


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