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Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year – New to Canada

“Being a new immigrant myself, I think that’s what helped me win this award. My success is directly attributed to my ability to relate to and empathize with my clients” – Rakhi Madan, Key Mortgage Partners


Having experienced the hardships of immigrating to a new country, Rakhi Madan has firsthand knowledge of how to guide her clients through the Canadian mortgage process. Her experience when she first arrived in Canada is one that thousands of other immigrants can relate to and has made her a stanch advocate for new-to-Canada borrowers.

“With no one to tell me how to live in this whole new world, I had to figure everything out, from the language to currency and culture,” Madan says. “Even not even knowing what to buy in the grocery store can be overwhelming. By truly understanding my clients, I guide them through the difficult process of financing their dream of homeownership in Canada. Helping these clients is one of the most important aspects of my career. I am changing people’s lives for the better.”


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