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Broker of the Year – Private Lending

“It’s good to represent the mortgage broker community with this award” – Shawn Allen Matrix Mortgage Global


Shawn Allen has once again proved that he has cultivated an all-encompassing niche in private lending. In 2018, his brokerage, Matrix Mortgage Global, funded more than 350 mortgages, more than 75% of which came from the private sector.

Recently, Allen opened the Canadian Administration of Private Lending as his own private fund, offering competitive pricing and common-sense lending practices to his clients and referral partners. In addition, he created the Private Lending Hub Network to unify and educate consumers, brokers and investors.

Allen’s hard work and dedication have formed the foundation for his success. “You have got to zero in on a niche,” he says. “I’ve been doing this since 2011, and you have to stay consistent. You have to put all your energy and channel all your focus on being the best at what you could be for whatever category or niche you want to cover.”


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