2017 Winners & Excellence Awardees

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Broker of the Year (Regional – Atlantic)

Scott Bentley - MCC Premiere Mortgage Centre

Excellence Awardees
Cyrus Habibi - MCC Premiere Mortgage Centre
Jonah Wright - Mortgage Intelligence
David Clarke - TMG The Mortgage Group Atlantic
Stacey Collett - TMG Mortgage Group Atlantic
Rob Jennings - Verico East Coast Mortgage Brokers

Broker of the Year (Regional – AB)

Collin Bruce - Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors

Excellence Awardees
Bob Reader - Canadian Mortgage Professionals
Crystal Mamchur - Flare Mortgage Group
Nadeem Keshavjee - GreenBirch Capital
Gert Martens - HT Mortgage Group
Sarah Strauss - Mortgage Alliance, The Place to Mortgage
Kim Nguyen - Vine Group

Lender Underwriter of the Year (Alternative Lending)

Nicole Roe - HomeEquity Bank

Excellence Awardees
Andrea Spratt - Bridgewater Bank
Darren Schienbein - CWB Optimum Mortgage
Melissa Pololos - Equitable Bank
Brendan Pringle - Excalibur, First National Financial LP
Max Kharkov - Haventree Bank
Jason Comstock - Home Trust Company
Sarah Roscoe - Home Trust Company
Ghazal Omer - MCAN Home
Rubin Rahman - Paradigm Quest

Lender BDM of the Year (Private Lending)

Laura Cruz - Canadian Mortgages Inc.

Excellence Awardees
Francis Lee - Alta West Capital
Justin Theriault - Alta West Capital
Rachel Rogerson
Travis Allinott - Canadian Mortgages Inc.
Kyle Williams - First Circle Financial
Reaza Ali - Fisgard Asset Management
Amy Chen - Fisgard Asset Management
Jerry Wieliczko - Hosper Mortgage
Alex Lewicki - JV Capital
Christine Perkins - Sequence Capital
Pratheesan Rathnapala - VWR Capital Corp.

Lender BDM of the Year (Prime)

Tiffany Pedersen - Strive

Excellence Awardees
Richard Richards - First National Financial LP
Corey Cox - MERIX Financial
Nicole Thomson - MERIX Financial
Sophia Jessa - MERIX Financial
Jina McInerney - MERIX Financial
Dario Carpino Jr. - RFA Mortgage Corporation
John Papadopoulos - RMG Mortgages
Chris Woodhouse - Strive
Trish Medeiros

Lender BDM of the Year (Alternative Lending)

Natasha Alli - Excalibur, First National Financial LP

Excellence Awardees
Greg Delahunty - AVEO - CMLS Financial
Haroon Royan - B2B Bank
Steve Leishman - Bridgewater Bank
Candace Wood - Community Trust
Trupti Patel - CWB Optimum Mortgage
Matt Sheriff - CWB Optimum Mortgage
Lisa Alentejano - Equitable Bank
Roberto Blanco - Equitable Bank
Sandy Pandolfi - Haventree Bank
Chris Hoeppner - HomeEquity Bank
Cam Delli Pizzi - MCAN
Nitin Grover - NPX

Industry Service Provider of the Year


Excellence Awardees
M3 Tech (BOSS)
Mortgage Automator
Newton (Velocity)

The Equitable Bank Award for Canadian Broker of the Year

Dalia Barsoum - Streetwise Mortgages

Excellence Awardees
Collin Bruce - Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors
Scott Bentley - MCC Premiere Mortgage Centre
Lisa Helfrick - Mortgage Intelligence
Ryan La Haye - Planiprêt
Sharnjit Singh Gill - VERICO Superior Mortgage

Broker of the Year (Regional – QC)

Ryan La Haye - Planiprêt

Excellence Awardees
Isabelle Gendron - CENTUM Boulevard Hypothécaire
Véronique Caron - Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
Pierre-Charles Jolicoeur - Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
Sammy Hammouda - Orbis Mortgage Group
Christina Montesano - Orbis Mortgage Group
Georges Tsovikian - Orbis Mortgage Group
Sandra Allard - Planiprêt

Broker of the Year (Regional – Prairies)

Lisa Helfrick - Mortgage Intelligence

Excellence Awardees
Kent Bittner - Axiom Mortgage Solutions
Chad Wilson - Ideal Mortgage Solutions
Lisa Gryba - One-Link Mortgage
Viktor Schaefer - One-Link Mortgage
Shirl Funk - Shirl Funk Mortgages Powered by The Mortgage Centre
Shawna MacDonald - The Mortgage Associates

Broker of the Year (Regional – ON)

Dalia Barsoum - Streetwise Mortgages

Excellence Awardees
Anthony Venuto - Centum Intouch Mortgage Solutions
Anne Brill - Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions
Shawn Stillman - CIMBC Mortgage Outlet
David Griffin - DLC Griffin Financial Group
Rakhi Madan - Key Mortgage Partners (Mortgage Intelligence)
Rakhee Dhingra - Mortgage Savvy
Joanna Lang - Outline Financial
Chris Allard - Smart Debt Mortgages (Mortgage Intelligence)

Broker of the Year (Regional – BC)

Sharnjit Singh Gill - VERICO Superior Mortgage

Excellence Awardees
Geoff Lee - GLM Mortgage Group, DLC
Dan Miller - TMG - Miller Mortgages
Kyle Green - Origin Mortgages,DLC
Lev Keselman - Peak Mortgage Company
Mackenzie Gartside - Select Mortgage
Sabeena Bubber - Verico Xeva-Integre Mortgage Partners
Luisa Hough - Verico Xeva Mortgage
Zaheed Valli-Hasham - City Wide Mortgage Services - VH Mortgage Group

The Scarlett Network Award for Digital Innovation in a Brokerage

Pineapple Financial

Excellence Awardees
8Twelve Mortgage
Blue Pearl Mortgage Group
Citadel Mortgages
Homewise Solutions
Mission35 Mortgages
Tango Financial

Lender Underwriter of the Year (Private Lending)

Catalin Popa - Hillmount Capital

Excellence Awardees
Michael Diseri - Alta West Capital
Rupinder Saini - Alta West Capital
Josie Milanetti - Canadian Mortgages Inc.
Cory Himmel - Firm Capital Corporation
Arvin Darred - Gentai Capital Corp.
Grant Plunkie - Shelter Lending Corp
Olga Bondari - Tembo Financial
Daniela Peeva - TriLend Inc.
Ian Tam - VAULT Mortgage Corporation

The Home Trust Award for Woman of Distinction

Kristy Maxwell - Verico Financial Group

Excellence Awardees
Elizabeth Wood - Canadian Mortgages Inc.
Leanne Myles - Centum Home Lenders
Hali Noble - Fisgard Asset Management
Kelly Neuber - KN Marketing
Elaine Taylor - Mortgage Alliance
Christine Buemann - The Collective Mortgage Group
Barbara Cook - The Mortgage Centre
Meaghan Hastings - The Mortgage Coach
Diana Lee - The Mortgage Minds
Marina Bournas - RFA Mortgage Corporation

The Citadel Mortgages Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Mortgage Industry

Fiona Campbell - Manulife

The CWB Optimum Mortgage Award for Brokerage of the Year (25 Employees or More)

Sherwood Mortgage Group

Excellence Awardees
Axiom Mortgage Solutions
Blue Pearl Mortgage Group
Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions
GNE Mortgages Inc.
Safebridge Financial Group
Tango Financial
True North Mortgage
Verico Xeva Mortgage

The Community Trust Award for Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year

Christine Xu - MoneyBroker Canada

Excellence Awardees
Gogi Luthra - AKAL Mortgages
Yvonne Choi - Citadel Mortgages
Gurpreet Ubhi - J&G Mortgages
Joe Giannola - Mission35 Mortgages
Jason Anbara - Mortgage Alliance
Denise Laframboise - Mortgage Architects
Jason Sohl - Verico Fair Mortgage Solutions
Kamaljeet Bhumber - Verico Xeva Mortgage
Max Escrogin - Vine Group

Brokerage of the Year (Fewer than 25 Employees)

CENTUM One Financial Group

Excellence Awardees
Bespoke Mortgage Group
Homewise Solutions
Jayman Financial
Mortgage Outlet
Mortgage Savvy
The Mortgage Minds
Verico East Coast Mortgage Brokers
VERICO Superior Mortgage

The Canadian Mortgages Inc. Award for Broker of the Year – Private Lending

Teresa Franciosa - Mission35 Mortgages

Excellence Awardees
Davinder Powar - AKAL Mortgages
Clyde Jr. Bryant - Dominion Lending Centres Uptown Financial Mortgages
Pip Dhaliwal - Freedom Capital
Tyson Gobind - GoldTree Mortgage
Reza Ghazi - Greenflow Financial
Joe Giannola - Mission35 Mortgages
Andre Deleo - Morgix
Raghav Manchanda - Seven Lending
David Clarke - TMG The Mortgage Group Atlantic
Tim Hurlbut - TNT Mortgages

The Avison Young Award for Broker of the Year – Commercial

Peter Quinn - Multi-Prêts Hypothèques

Excellence Awardees
Vic Cotton - Avenue Financial
Anne Ananda - Pineapple Financial Inc.
Ahmed Hatata - Green Mortgage Solutions
Michel Durand - Mcommercial
Christine Xu - MoneyBroker Canada
Jonathan Gagnon - Orbis Mortgage Group
Stephen Thomas - TMG Black Capital | HALO Advisory
Almira Namvar - Uptown Commercial Mortgages
Jason Sohl - Verico Fair Mortgage Solutions

National Broker Network of the Year

Mortgage Alliance

Excellence Awardees
Centum Financial Group
Dominion Lending Centres
Invis Mortgage Intelligence
Mortgage Architects
Mortgage Centre Canada
Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
TMG The Mortgage Group
Verico Financial Group

Mortgage Industry Employer of Choice

TMG The Mortgage Group

Excellence Awardees
Bridgewater Bank
Canadian Mortgages Inc.
Centum Financial Group
Community Trust
Home Trust Company
Invis Mortgage Intelligence
Lend At Ease
Manulife Bank

Lender Underwriter of the Year (Prime)

Joanka Martinez - RFA Mortgage Corporation

Excellence Awardees
Ajopana Mahalingam - First National Financial LP
Rosy Auld - MCAP Service Corp
Traci Merkel - MCAP Service Corp
Geoff Charkow - MERIX Financial
Deidre Wise - MERIX Financial
Róisín Gaffney - RFA Mortgage Corporation
Andrew Huang - RMG Mortgages
Danny Wang - Strive
Angela Molyneaux - TDMS

The MCAN Award for New Brokerage of the Year

TMG Black Capital | HALO Advisory

Excellence Awardees
Anchor Mortgages Canada
BRX Mortgage
Dominion Lending Centres Next Generation Mortgage
GoldTree Mortgage
Synergy Mortgage Group

The RFA Award for Excellence in Philanthropy & Community Service

Blue Pearl Mortgage Group

Excellence Awardees
8Twelve Mortgage
Kuljit Singh - AKAL Mortgages
Sadiq Boodoo - Approved Financial Services
Andrew Young - Axiom Mortgage Solutions
Blue Pearl Mortgage Group
Empire Mortgage Group
Flare Mortgage Group
Cheryl Sanguinetti - Invis
Kristen Dias - Mission35 Mortgages
SafeBridge Financial Group

The Centum Financial Award for Young Achiever of the Year

Charles-Antoine Boudreau - Planiprêt

Excellence Awardees
Rashmeet Kaur - AKAL Mortgages
Clyde Jr. Bryant - Dominion Lending Centres Uptown Financial Mortgages
Kevin Huynh - Empire Mortgage Group
Chelsea Bedard - Mission35 Mortgages
Michelle Farrugia - Mortgage Outlet Inc.
Peter Martens - One-Link Mortgage
Tracy Regier - The Mortgage Minds
Dionne King - TMG - King Mortgages
Joanna Zhou - TMG The Mortgage Group
Leslie Penney - Verico East Coast Mortgage Brokers