2017 Winners & Finalists

Winners are highlighted in bold. 


The TransUnion Award For Lifetime Achievement in the Mortgage Industry

  • Jared Dreyer, VERICO, Dreyer Group Mortgages (WINNER)


The Award For Best Community Service Effort Of The Year

  • Home Trust Company
  • Quantus Mortgage Solutions
  • Leo Ragusa, Verico The Mortgage Professionals
  • Bridgewater Bank
  • Dave Teixeira, Dominion Lending Centres
  • Sabeena Bubber, VERICO XEVA Mortgage / 100 Brokers Who Care
  • Carmen Alpaerts, Invis - Any Mortgage For You
  • Mary Grace Tatangelo, MCC, Pilrock Mortgages (WINNER)


The MortgageBrokerNews Award For Best Lender Underwriter Of The Year

  • Angela Molyneaux,Equitable Bank
  • Christina Abate, Equitable Bank
  • Mita Desai, Equity Financial Trust
  • Dave Tett, Home Trust Company
  • Thomas Squires, Optimum Mortgage
  • Alan Colby, Paradigm Quest
  • Helga Peller, RMG Mortgages
  • Lianne Smith, Street Capital Bank of Canada
  • Ida Guilbault, Bridgewater Bank (WINNER)
  • Kara Kinakin, Bridgewater Bank 


The Award For Best Newcomer, Lender Underwriter

  • Christina Matticks,Equitable Bank
    Sarah Spearn, First National Financial (WINNER)
    Krista Valadao, Home Trust Company
    Natasha Alli, Home Trust Company
    Brett Van Driel, Paradigm Quest
    Janel Melo, Street Capital Bank of Canada
    Bryan Campbell, Street Capital Bank of Canada


The Award For Best Newcomer, Mortgage Broker Firm

  • Canwise Financial (WINNER)
    DLC Origin Pinsky Mortgages
    DLC, Coultish Lawton Capital Group
    Invis, PG Mortgage Brokers
    Mortgage Alliance Pinnacle Capital
    Blue Pearl Mortgage Group


The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association Award For Diversifier Of The Year

  • DLC Expert Financial
    DLC Home Capital Solutions
    DLC North East Mortgages
    First Foundation (WINNER)
    VERICO SAFEBRIDGE Financial Group
    Blue Pearl Mortgage Group


The CMP Magazine Award For Employer Of Choice

  • DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts
    DLC, Neighbourhood Dominion Lending
    Durhammortgage.com (The Mortgage Centre) (WINNER)
    Sherwood Mortgage Group
    Verico Compass Mortgage Group
    Bridgewater Bank


The FCT Award For Mortgage Brokerage of The Year, 25 Employees Or More

  • CENTUM Metrocapp Wealth Solutions Inc.
    DLC, Neighbourhood Dominion Lending (WINNER)
    Sherwood Mortgage Group
    True North Mortgage
    VERICO The Mortgage Advisors
    VERICO XEVA Mortgage


The Bridgewater Bank Award For Mortgage Broker Of The Year, 25 Employees Or More

  • Dave Butler, Butler Mortgage
    Dustan Woodhouse, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts (WINNER)
    Collin Bruce, Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors
    Shawn Allen, Matrix Mortgage Global
    Anthony Contento, Sherwood Mortgage Group
    Steven Levine, True North Mortgage
    Nick L'Ecuyer, VERICO The Mortgage Wellness Group


The Canada Mortgage & Financial Group Award For Best Newcomer, Individual Agent or Broker

  • Kevin Mayer , Invis, The Wilson Team
    Scott Nazareth, Mortgages.Ca
    Samir Jaroudi, Verico Matrix Mortgage Global
    McKay Wood, Verico Paragon MortgagePal Inc. (WINNER)
    Etienne Beaudoin, VERICO XEVA Mortgage
    Sarah Fenwick, Bespoke Mortgage Group


The Canadian Mortgage App Award For Best Use Of Mobile Technology

  • Fundever
    Loewen Group Mortgages (The Loewen Group App)
    MogoMortage App (WINNER)
    Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS Mobile App)
    VERICO Financial Group - Broker Base


The Centum Financial Group Award For Best Industry Service Provider

  • D + H
    DocAssist (WINNER)
    GoMax Solutions
    HomEquity Bank
    Paradigm Quest
    Teranet Purview


The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association Award For Mortgage Broker Of The Year, Fewer Than 25 Employees

  • Enza Venuto, CENTUM InTouch Mortgage Solutions
    Win Lui, DLC Clear Trust Mortgages
    Tracy Valko, Dominion Lending - The Valko Team
    Sally Kwan,ETC Mortgage
    Christine Xu, Mortgage Architects
    David Hetti, Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa
    Bernadette Laxamana, VERICO XEVA Mortgage (WINNER)
    Skye McLean, Axiom Mortgage Solutions
  • Scott Travelbea, DLC Travelbea & Associates


The Home Trust Company Award For Best Alternative Lending Mortgage Broker Of The Year

  • Ameera Ameerullah, Canada Mortgage & Financial Group (CMFG) (WINNER)
    David Clarke, Finevo Lending Group (DLC)
    Andrew Roper, Dominion Lending Edge Financial
    Christine Xu, Mortgage Architects
    Ronald Alphonso, Mortgage Broker Store
    Leanne Myles, VERICO, Premiere Mortgage Center


The Invis / Mortgage Intelligence Award For Best Lender BDM Of The Yearr

  • Sam Samadi, CMLS Financial
    Karim Awad, Equitable Bank
    Shannon Parker, Home Trust Company
    Kristen Linde Ferrier, Manulife
    Catherine Halkyard, MCAP Mortgage Service Corporation (WINNER)
    Ajay Kaith, OPPONO Lending Company
    John Papadopoulos, RMG Mortgages
    Geoff Semple, Street Capital Bank of Canada
    Ian Tenggardjaja, Street Capital Bank of Canada
    Tim Hurlbut, Alta West Capital


The Manulife Bank Award For Best Customer Service From An Individual Office

  • Champion Mortgage
    DLC GLM Mortgage Group
    Invis, Pure Mortgage
    Loewen Group Mortgages (WINNER)
    Mortgage Intelligence, LA Mortgage Team
    Sherwood Mortgage Group


The Sherwood Mortgage Group Award For Best Newcomer Lender BDM

  • Robert Gibson, Equitable Bank
    Nicole Thomson, Home Trust Company
    Elena Robinson,Home Trust Company
    Dan Pauls, Magenta Capital Corporation
    Darren Campbell, MCAP Mortgage Service Corporation
    Paul Jardine, Optimum Mortgage
    Michael Dixon, Radius Financial
    Linda Elkjar, Street Capital Financial Corporation
    Chris Woodhouse, Street Capital Bank of Canada (WINNER)
    Tania Melnyk, Bridgewater Bank


The Street Capital Bank Of Canada Award For Mortgage Brokerage Of The Year, Fewer Than 25 Employees

  • Champion Mortgage (WINNER)
    DLC Brokers For life
    Dominion Lending Centres - Smart Debt
    Loewen Group Mortgages
    Mortgage Intelligence, Rasha Ingratta & Mortgage Associates
    VERICO Anthem Mortgage Group


The Award For National Broker Network Of The Year

  • Centum Financial Group Inc.
    Dominion Lending Centres (WINNER)
    Invis/ Mortgage Intelligence
    MCC Mortgage Centre Canada
    Mortgage Architects
    TMG The Mortgage Group
    VERICO Financial Group
    Broker Financial Group


The Vector Financial Award For Best Commercial Mortgage Broker Of The Year

  • Tina Mu, Dominion Lending Centres Acer Mortgages
    David Beckingham, Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Capital (WINNER)
    NEIL SHOPSOWITZ, Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Capital
    Brennan Wood, Foundry Mortgage Capital
    Michel Durand, Mortgage Alliance Commercial
    Andrew Bennett, Nexus Investment Corporation
    Omid Jalili, OMJ Mortgage
    Vic Cotton, Avenue Financial


The XCEED Award For Best Marketing Effort Of The Year

  • DLC (We've Got A Mortgage For That!) (WINNER)
    Fundever (Connecting Brokers With Lenders)
    Home Trust (Making Mortgage Great Again)
    MogoMortgage (Mogo Mortgage Launch)
    Mortgage Intelligence, Can Force Mortgage (Military Campaign)
    Bridgewater Bank (20 Years)



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