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Rachel Oliver

Managing Partner, Clover Properties


Rachel Oliver is a multi-award-winning real estate investor and co-host of Mothers of Real Estate TV Show. Since 2009, she has been trailblazing a sustainable way for mortgage professionals to grow their business and help more Canadians get into homeownership. Through her innovative deferred purchase program, Rachel and her team have helped nearly 350 families, first-time buyers, self-employed business owners, and newcomers to Canada become mortgage-ready and get into the real estate market faster. Rachel operates Clover Properties, Ontario’s most reputable Rent to Own company, that has generated over $7.3 million in commissions for mortgage and real estate agents. As the author of Amazon bestselling book “Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers”, Rachel is dedicated to educating mortgage and real estate professionals on a proven product for homebuyers who cannot qualify for conventional or private financing today. To learn more, visit

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