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G.W. Wayne Braid

Senior Advisor, BC Notaries Association
Program Director, BC Notaries Captive Insurance Company


G. W. Wayne Braid is the former CEO/Secretary of The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia, having served in that position for over 17 years, a professional self-governing organization whose members provide noncontentious legal services to the people of BC. He is Executive Officer of The Notary Foundation of BC and CEO and Managing Director of the BC Notaries Captive Insurance Co.


He ran successful Autoplan and general insurance agencies in Terrace,Kitimat and Stewart and was Chair of the Northern Insurance Brokers Association for many years and on the Board of the Insurance Brokers of British Columbia.


Senator in Jaycees and Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary are among his many community awards. He was also Coroner, Director of the BC Winter Games and Northern BC Winter Games, and an Elected school trustee.


Wayne opened his Notary practice in Terrace in 1986.


He is a firm believer in higher education. Under his direction the Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies (MA ALS) postgraduate program was established at SFU in 2008 as part of the education necessary to qualify as a BC Notary.


Wayne has a keen interest in technology and the electronic provision of legal services. ProSuite—The Society’s successful legal services software—was created through his vision. A member of the Electronic Filing System Committee of the Land Title Office since the Committee’s inception in 2001, he also serves on a national committee of public and private sector organizations that provides guidance and direction to the federal government on money-laundering and terrorist-financing issues.


He oversaw The Society’s in-house legal counsel and the retention and management of the outside legal counsel. His work was in-depth, demanding, and very rewarding.


His daily challenge as CEO was to deal with priorities. It was Wayne’s responsibility to see that the membership of The Society complied with its stringent Rules and Code of Ethics. His duties included managing The Society’s Professional Liability Program and investigating complaints. He also directed the BC Notaries’ Errors and Omissions insurance program, the over $14 million in the self-insurance fund, and any claims presented annually.


In his current role as Executive Director of the BC Notaries Insurance Corporation, Wayne arranges access to various re-insurance plans and manages three different excess insurers and the Special Fund of $3 million, set by statute and supported by the negotiation and placement of excess crime/fidelity insurance that provides up to $23 million coverage for every BC Notary.


For just over 20 years Wayne was also the Executive Officer of The Notary Foundation of BC, an organization funded by the interest earned on BC Notaries’ trust accounts. Through his leadership, The Foundation has broadened the scope and delivery of its funding to legal support groups and public legal education, including grants for students, not-for-profit organizations, and law libraries around the province.


He has worked closely with provincial ministries and local government departments, financial institutions, and professional organizations such as the Law Society of BC, the Law Foundation of BC, the LTSA, the Real Estate Institute of BC, and the Real Estate Foundation of BC.


In his role as the inaugural Secretary of the World Organisation of Notaries, Wayne has the opportunity to meet with Notaries from all over the world. W.O.N. is a British Columbia initiative that enables properly qualified Common Law Notary organizations and individuals to promote their professional and business interests domestically and internationally.


Wayne is married to Laurie. Together they have 6 children and 14 grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, riding his motorcycle, and adventure travel.

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