First trip to CMAs was one to remember for Haligonian


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Clinton Wilkins won his first ever Canadian Mortgage Award, taking home the Award for Mortgage Broker of the Year (Fewer Than 25 Employees), on his first trip to the awards ceremony.

“It feels amazing,” he said. “Honestly, I thought there was 0% chance I’d win but I guess it was 100%. I wish I had a speech prepared. It was late in the night and we joked that ‘It’s great to be a finalist, but don’t get your hopes up.’ When they called my name, I thought this is a joke, but it was a real thing.”

The Halifax-based broker had 230 transactions last year that totalled $50mln. While those numbers would be impressive in Toronto or Vancouver, they’re all the more exceptional in Halifax considering the city’s size.

And given the networking opportunities the Canadian Mortgage Awards presents its attendees, who hail from all corners of the country, Wilkins’ success wasn’t lost on his peers.

“You forget about the East Coast and forget there are people who can compete on a national level here, but I think it’s good for Atlantic Canada because it really puts us on the map. Being recognized in a group of your peers feels really great. I think before even the win, people were adding me on LinkedIn and congratulating me. We’re not talking local BDMs, we’re talking CEOs and senior vice presidents and directors of a lot of these companies. It can definitely open up some doors, in terms of strengths of relationships with lenders we’re already doing business with.”

Although Wilkins is appreciative of the kudos he’s receives from his peers, he says that he will advertise his CMA win to his current, and future, clientele.

“We’ve already sent out press releases to all of our business partners, lender partners and media here in Halifax. We’re planning on sending emails out to clients later this week and adding it to our awards page on our website. We’re going to do whatever we can to push it out there. Even our email signature will be amended. I think it’s such a great recognition. Here in Halifax, people can be dealing with the best in class.”

Afeter soaking in all the opulent, not to mention spacious, Liberty Grand had to offer, Wilkins joined some colleagues for a night on the town.

“I love visiting Toronto,” said Wilkins. “It’s really nice to go for three or four days, but it feels great to come home as well, and it feels even better to come home with a great piece of hardware to put up in the office.”

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