Oppono Lending Company

Oppo cma partnersOur Philosophy always has been and will continue to be a common-sense approach to lending, designed to meet your needs with first and second mortgages. Oppono’s business is broker-focused and customer service oriented. We have developed a technology-driven approval structure featuring fast turn arounds, a simplified underwriting process, extended working hours and a commitment to funding.


Our common-sense approach to lending means our decisions are not based on a set of non-negotiable criteria. We look at the borrowers’ unique situation and measure their ability to meet their obligations, accompanied by an appropriate loan-to-value ratio. With this approach, we can help your clients secure the mortgages that they want when they want. If the investment makes sense, we will fund it. At Oppono, we understand that we succeed only if you do. As a result, you and your clients are at the core of our business. We look forward to continuing our journey together.


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